How it works

About how I photographing the dogs


Kelpiegallery presents photos of adult Australian kelpies. The dogs are presented with pedigree names, parentage, coat colour, date of birth, country of origin and importing country, as well as a link to Kennel Meringa's Online Kelpie Database.
The purpose of Kelpiegallery is to show the diversity of the dog breed. I photograph all Australian kelpies, regardless of colour, hair type, pedigree or merit.

Preparations by you

If you want your kelpie photographed, read about the guidelines and priority further down this page. Then you take a look at Kelpiegallery's facebook, about where and when I go and photograph. If you have questions about the photography itself, I recommend reading FAQ. If you are interested inviting me to your own event, please send me a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learn your kelpie to stand up for several seconds. It helps me a lot during the photo session if your kelpie can stand up a little longer than one second. It is desired the kelpie can stand with "one paw in each corner".
To the photo shoot, bring really good treat or a toy your kelpie like. 

During the photo shoot

I take two types of pictures of the dog, a portrait picture of the dog's head and a picture of the whole dog from the side. You will have the dog of or in a leash depending on sitaution. If the dog is in a leash, I will edit out the leash in photoshop. I have a leash with me for the photography that you can borrow. See the photo session as a fun exercise with your kelpie. If you are relaxed, your dog will be relaxed. I explain to you what to do for the best possible results - step by step.


The kelpie should be of the dog breed Australian kelpie.

The kelpie should be registered in an FCI-recognized kennel club.

The kelpie should be 12 months or older.


I like to photograph as many as I can. But sometimes there is no time or opportunity to take photos of all dogs that are in the same place and time. Therefore, I have set a priority order for which dogs I would like to photograph.

1. Australian kelpies not are photographed at the Kelpiegallery.

2. Australian kelpies living far away from where I live (Halmstad, Sweden).

3. Australian kelpies in more unusual colours.

4. Australian kelpies older than younger if I get the opportunity to meet the younger ones at another time.

5. Australian kelpies already photographed in the gallery.

6. Working kelpies.

7. Australian kelpies under 1 years old.


Kelpiegallery presents photos all types of Australian kelpie. All photos are taken by the same photographer, Sofia Olsson. The purpose of Kelpiegallery is to display photos with the same type of image layout and information on each dog. The Kelpiegallery was created 2005 and is online since 2008.