Common questions

The most common questions about the Kelpiegallery

1. At what age can my kelpie be photographed for Kelpiegallery?

Your kelpie should be at least 12 months.
I do exceptions with kelpies who are about 10-12 months in case they live a lot of miles from where I live or in another country. The age limit exists for Kelpiegallery to represent adult dogs. A puppy can change in appearance significantly during growing age. It can be used as another image of the individual against how it looks then as an adult.

The most optimal age to get your kelpie photographed is when it is 2-3 years and older.

2. What preparations do I need to make before the photo session?

Learn your kelpie to stand up for several seconds.
It helps me a lot during the photo session if your kelpie can stand up a little longer than one second. It is desired the kelpie can stand with "one paw in each corner".

3. What should I think about during the photo session?

Bring really good treat or a toy your kelpie like.
See the photo session as a fun exercise with your kelpie. If you are relaxed, your dog will be relaxed. I explain to you what to do for the best possible results - step by step.

4. Does the photo session cost anything?

The photography itself is free of charge. Each photographed kelpie gets their own page on Kelpiegallery. A headshot and a full figure image are uploaded to the page and information about the kelpie such as date of birth, parents, color, country of origin and more.

5. Can I send my own images of my dog to Kelpiegallery?

Kelpiegallery is based by one photographer taking all the photos.
It's only one photographer because:
- avoid too big difference of quality and size,
- reduce the risk of dogs not being presented with the same layout as in the gallery,
- the kelpie's owner submits pictures that must not be used by the photographer.

6. Do I have permission to use the photos from Kelpiegallery?

Yes, if the photos are used private only.
The low-resolution images on the Kelpiegallery's website or on facebook may be used for own web pages, instagram and facebook. You don't have to ask for permission. However, please write me as a photographer and the URL

Tag Kelpiegallery on instagram with @kelpiegallery and #kelpiegallery.

8. Can I buy the photos of my kelpie?

The photos are available for purchase at high resolution. For more information, see Buy photos.
If you want use photos to your business or to the breed club, please contact me via email for more information.

9. How do I remove photos of my dog on Kelpiegallery?

No, you can't remove any photos of your kelpie on Kelpiegallery.
According to According to the Swedish law (1960:729) on copyright for literary and artistic works, I have the rights to everything I have photographed.

10. What camera and lens do you use?

Photo equipment from Nikon.
I have used Nikon photo equipment since 2004, and have always been very pleased with Nikon's products. Since 2016, I use the Nikon D750, a D-SLR camera with full-frame sensor, which can be seen as a semi-professional camera. The lenses vary slightly. Usually I use that type of lens makes me get away from the dog a bit and cope with worse lighting conditions that I encounter during the photos sessions.


Kelpiegallery presents photos all types of Australian kelpie. All photos are taken by the same photographer, Sofia Olsson. The purpose of Kelpiegallery is to display photos with the same type of image layout and information on each dog. The Kelpiegallery was created 2005 and is online since 2008.