About Kelpiegallery

My name is Sofia Olsson, born and lives in Sweden, located in Northern Europe. I'm the person behind Kelpiegallery.com. I'm also Australian kelpie owner since 2004 and have my third kelpie at the moment. A lovely brown kelpie who is born 2014. Glenn is the name do lots of stuff with my. We compete in obedience, swedish tracking, nose work and agility.

The idea behind ​​Kelpiegallery began back in 2005 when I photographed my own dog Casey and his relatives in a more structured way - one portrait (headshot) and a picture where the dog is lined up /profile picture. I applied this way of photograph other dogs from the breed, but didn't really know then what I would do with the pictures. So a seed began to grow about creating a webgallery. In 2008 I started Kelpiegallery.com, with about 50 dogs photographed.

Since then the webgallery has grown to what it is today. Through the years I have photographed many dogs from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and so on. At this writing moment there is over 600 kelpies that I have photographed and there will be several more.

The main purpose is to show the world how adults of Australian Kelpie looks from the past to today's present dogs. I want show all different types of Australian kelpies and display the types, colors and various lines/bloodlines from different breeders, all to show the diversity of the breed.

The goal is to take photos of new kelpies each year and travel around to meet these dogs, both in my own country and abroad. I dream to one day travel to Australia to meet these lovely dogs and photograph them from their original country. I hope you enjoy the Kelpiegallery!