Over the years I have photographed a lot of kelpies to the Kelpiegallery. Some of the images have been published in books, newspapers and dog breed documents. It is honored that others want to use photos from my life time project.
  • Kelpie - Australian und Working Kelpie
    Uta Reichenbach, Germany, 2012
    Photo of a longhaired Australian kelpie.
  • Kelpies up north
    R.M.Williams OUTBACK Magazine, Australien, 2013
    Photo of an Australian kelpie puppy.
  • - Sofia's Webgallery is world famous!
    Hundsport, Sweden, 2013
    Article about the Kelpiegallery written by Åsa Lindholm.
  • Australsk kelpie - en hyrdehund med masser af brugsegenskaber
    Hunden., Denmark, 2013
    A breed presentation about the Australian kelpie.
  • Australian kelpie
    Hundsport, Sweden, 2014
    A breed presentation about the Australian kelpie.
Other publications
  • Australian kelpie - Breed compendium with comments
    Swedish Kelpie Club, 2012
    Created by the Swedish kelpie club for the SBK exterior judges conference in 2012.
  • Rasspecifik Avelsstrategi för Australian Kelpie (RAS)
    Swedish Kelpie Club, 2012
  • Rasespesifikk avlsstrategi for Australian Kelpie (RAS)
    Australske Gjeterhunder Norge, 2014
  • Rotumääritelmän tulkintaohje
    Suomen Border Colliet & Australian Kelpiet Ry, 2015
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